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What If My Ex And I Can Reach Agreement? How Do We Finalise It?

If you are considering leaving your partner we recommend you first try family counselling to see if the relationship can be salvaged.
Seek Legal Advice
If […]

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What Can You Do to End Domestic Violence?

Sadly, domestic and family domestic violence is a reality. One woman dies every week in Australia due to domestic domestic (White Ribbon, 2018), which includes […]

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How to Seek Help When You Are a Victim of Domestic Violence in Australia

Although the statistics show that domestic violence in Australia has declined from 2005 to 2016, partner violence towards women remains a major concern. According to […]

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Family Violence Is Not Just Against Women

Did you know, one in three victims of domestic violence are male?

When people think of domestic violence they tend to think of female victims, however […]

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Domestic Violence

Domestic violence is something that affects both men and women. The biggest hurdle with helping victims, as well as eradicating this problem from our society […]

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Family Law and Domestic Violence

Domestic violence can occur in all spectrums of life, it does not discriminate. Sometimes it can be difficult to accept that you are a victim […]

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