What is the Difference between a Parenting Plan and Consent Orders?

Life after separation is a difficult time for most people, add the extra worry of having to work out how your children are going to […]

My Partner Had An Affair. Does That Mean I Get More From The Property Settlement?

The short answer is no! In Australia, the family courts have a ‘no fault’ jurisdiction when it comes to separation. The court does not consider […]

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7 Things to Know About ‘Consent Orders’

If you have reached agreement and you are reading this, Congratulations! That is the hardest part of the process and you have done it! You […]

Just Found Out About ‘the Affair?’ – 4 Steps That Will Help You Separate Amicably

Standing in front of the altar and saying, “I do,” never conjure up images of finding out about an affair or going through a dreaded […]

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Overcoming Stress Post Divorce and Separation

Separation from a relationship can involve many emotions and stress. You may be experiencing bitterness, sense of loss, or even failure. […]

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Divorce Matters and ADR

Divorce can be a scary word for some people. It conjures up images of arguments and disputes, broken families and lengthy courtroom […]

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Getting a Divorce

Divorce is the legal process under Australian Family Law for bringing an end to a marriage. Divorce itself does not deal with parenting arrangements or […]

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