One of the greatest difficulties in a divorce proceeding can be care arrangements of the children. Children suffer more from a marriage breakdown than the parents. During this time, often missed and forgotten are the relationship of the child still exists even if the parents are no longer in a relationship with each other. It is unfair for children to be punished for these reasons.

To avoid this happening to your child / children, we suggest to prepare a parenting plan or care arrangement. The care arrangement outlines financial support, schooling responsibilities and ensure that both parents are able to spend time with their child / children.


The conflict and bitterness involved in a divorce or separation can be minimised if both parties are willing to cooperate and agree to a parenting plan. A parenting should only be written by a legal practitioner, signed and filed at Court. Caldwell Family Lawyers enlist these services with experience and great expertise. A self-prepared parenting plan by parents twill not be legally binding and can result consequences if a conflict should arise in the future.

Some things that can be included in the parenting plan are as follows:

  • Goals for the child
  • Education goal
  • General welfare
  • Extent of financial support
  • Days, times, weeks and holidays for meeting each parent
  • Whether the child is permitted to travel. If so, are there any boundary restrictions or limitations

Our lawyers will ensure that they provide the correct guidance and support family members need to prepare a parenting plan without resulting in a heated conflict.


Caldwell Family Lawyers provide quality advice and solution to preparing a parenting plan. We believe that a parenting plan is an amicable solution to avoid lengthy matters in Courts.

At Caldwell Family Lawyers, we have successfully helped many parents negotiate a parenting plan that is fair to everyone involved. Let us help you through this difficult time by minimising the stress and hassle.


Make an appointment with our experts today for legal advice and to discuss the options of a parenting plan. Caldwell Family Lawyers understand your situation and are here to help.